As we have been preparing ourselves for our move, I’ve been living between “Headquarters” and the “Big Blue Cabin”. At the lake, we are surrounded by provincial park. Thus in the off-season, there are many pathways to explore and enjoy. Each morning at 8 am, Maxwell Smart and I head out the door for an hour of walking. There is walking on my part and running on the dog’s part. I figured that for every mile that I cover, the dog must get in a least 2.5 miles. Being able to experience the wildlife in central Alberta is outstanding. As we have been walking along the shoreline, the migrating birds are gathering and convening in their “chat groups”. I wonder at their conversations. There are literally hundreds of Canada Geese on the lake. There are also small groups of Trumpeter Swans, as well as ducks, gulls, & Loons. The geese can be quite noisy some mornings. I imagine the conversations that they are having. The ganders may be discussing how many they can lead in a formation, whether to leave today or tomorrow, whether the “teenagers” should be allowed to fly in their own posse. The “ladies” are wondering if the “teenagers” will be ready to go, what the pit stops will be like on the journey, and will the grass and lakes be plentiful. The excitement builds and the practice flights start to take place. Part of the life of a Canada Goose is called loafing (generally, hanging out and relaxing). The honks are getting louder as instructions are called out. I watch as a “V” of teenagers are following behind a “V” of seasoned veterans. When they fly directly over my head at an approximate altimeter reading of 75 feet, the whir of their wings beating sounds like a hockey card in the spokes of my bicycle wheel. Such synchronization! The geese give honks of encouragement and praise, “Good wing span!” “Excellent speed!” “Keep up your strength!”
As I walk each morning observing and trying to take photos with my cell phone, I think of the life of geese as something very symbolic that we could take heed to and process in our own lives. Geese mate for life and usually wait until they are mature birds before choosing their mate. They are extremely loyal and have very low “divorce” rates. The young geese will generally return to the same nesting sites as their parents. There is caring for those who are weaker. I loved hearing the geese having discussions in the mornings.
Watching the Trumpeter Swans gives me so much joy. They are so elegant and graceful. Because they are snow white, they stand out from the crowd. They truly do sound like a trumpet blowing when they are flying overhead. They remind me to know who I am, stand apart from the crowd, live up to my standards as a daughter of God and get along with others.

Trumpeter Swans

Erik & I are in the midst of our own journey. Both of us are feeling the same right now. Last week, as I was driving to a massage appointment, I started my own pity party because my whole life that I knew was gone. I’ve had to give up everything that was familiar to me. Erik is now acknowledging that he too, is feeling the same way. But….I had to sell my motorcycle and he did not! See, that pity party is creeping in again. I had to stop myself and say out loud, “Your life is NOT gone, your life has changed!” True, our life is just different now. Everything that was comforting and was our routine is gone. Those things were just things…material things. Our relationship with God has strengthened. Our relationship with each other has strengthened.

Our daughter, Meaghan was talking to us at the end of August and said, “Mom, don’t worry about the house being perfect, just get it listed and on the market!” It struck a chord with me; that I knew that the Lord was sending another message to us.  I read a little blurb about humans being natural collectors. I think that stems from our hunter/gatherer days. Unfortunately, we have collected a lot of “stuff” over our 33 years of marriage. Sorting through it all is exhausting! In mid November, I was walking the dog one morning. The solitude is a perfect opportunity to commune with God and have a discussion about how life is going and what He wants me to do. I said to the Lord that we were about to put our house on the market. I asked Him if this selling was going to be a long drawn out process or would things move quickly along. He answered me with, “You will be out of your house before Christmas, by December 18.” I said, “Wow, we have a LOT to do!” He replied, “Yes, you do, now go home and get to work!” We listed our home and within 3 days it was sold. The closing date is December 18! I still get a thrill and a giggle out of how the Lord knows everything. Now, we are working our little hearts out, to sell our belongings and pack what we think we should keep.

We’ve had an opportunity to meet with the new owners of our property and I am so thrilled to know how their lives have synced with ours in this whole process. The Lord’s hand has been involved in both of our lives to make this happen. They too, have a love of the Lord and recognize His influence in their lives. I cannot overemphasize the tender mercies of the Lord and His deliverance of joy and caring in our lives. I know that He has important work in these latter days for His disciples. As Christians, we need to band together and strengthen each other, uplift and share the goodness that happens from having Christ in our lives. It is through His Atonement that we have a hope for the eternities. I will stand firm and in holy places to receive the blessings that I know will be forthcoming to those who follow the Lord and proclaim His goodness and mercy.

We keep hearing, “Well….good luck with everything!” I know that people are well meaning but in my mind, we don’t need luck. The Lord has us in His hand and He will provide all that we need. We will do the work that needs to be done for our progress and the Lord allows us the opportunity to continue in our learning process. I always think of the scripture Matthew 6:26, “Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your Heavenly Father feedeth them. Are you ye not much better than they?” He loves us because we are His children and will provide. Sometimes we need help from others and this helps us to have humility. Most importantly, we need to have faith, unwaveringly. Somedays, Erik and I feel very inadequate because of all that needs to be done. One chore after another and soon it will be done. Go forth and have faith. We are trying our best and hope all of you may do the same. Be of good courage and help to strengthen one another. Give service and help others to feel a little better. This season of the year certainly reminds us of having the spirit of love within us. To carry it throughout the year is to better ourselves and become closer to God.

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