Hello world!

I came to a point in my life a couple of years ago where I felt these promptings to know what God’s will was for me. What did He want me to do with my life? Was I anywhere close to doing what He wanted for me? I was starting to question whether my choices for my life could be better if I asked His advice.

So, my dear husband also came to a crux in his life as to his career and where we are living. He was driving 2 hours each way to work everyday. In June of 2014, he came home one day and said, “That’s it…I’m done!” We thought about what that meant and we thought that maybe we had to move to Calgary to be closer to his work. I dug in my heels a bit because we live on a gorgeous acreage and to move to city living just seemed wrong. Then I said that while living in the suburbs, he would still have at least a 45 minute commute to work. Why bother? We even drove to the northwest area of Calgary to see some acreages, but I just wasn’t feeling it.

I suggested that we go to the temple and pray and ask God if He had an idea for us. Erik thought that was a good idea and off we went.  I can only say that it was the start of many miraculous occurrences that have happened in our journey this past year.  I asked the Lord if Erik needed to change jobs and right away the Lord replied and said emphatically, “Yes, he does!” Then I asked what the Lord needed us to do; where did He need us to go. He showed me a vision of blue water, a big sun and a strip of land with no trees. I was so shocked at seeing this vision that I immediately said, “That’s NOT Alberta!” I should have asked, “Where IS that?”  As we drove home, we compared notes over what we felt and saw in the temple. Erik definitely had the prompting to change jobs. We started thinking about where the Lord wanted us to go that was by an ocean and where a Petroleum Engineer could work.  Erik was checking job boards online and found something in Australia. He applied for a job in Brisbane and we waited to hear about it. Meanwhile, I went online to check out housing and the Lord told me that Brisbane was not the place we would be going. We carried on for the rest of the summer; marrying off a son and enjoying time at the lake. The job in Brisbane was not to be and we contemplated what we needed to do to become more mobile.

By October, I was in Houston at a trade show and on one of the days on the show floor, I ran into a friend from England. She wanted to introduce me to a fellow shop owner from Dubai. The shop owner had an employee with her and the four of us stood together talking. I told them about my vision in the temple and that we hadn’t figured out yet where that was. They all looked at me and my friend, Karin said,”Well, that’s Dubai!” The other two concurred and I was struck with a tingling feeling. I immediately texted my husband and asked how he felt about living in Dubai. He replied that he thought that he could get work there. I received an overwhelming feeling about researching Dubai and finding out all that I could. It was hard to focus on my purpose for the trade show and shopping for my business. When I came home, Erik picked me up from the airport and we went home, had supper and then turned on the television. A show (House Hunter’s International) came on that we love to watch. That episode was all about someone moving to Dubai! We turned to each other and said, “I think we got the message loud and clear.” It’s interesting that the Lord was sending us to Dubai and we never considered it at all in our thoughts about where to go.

As the two of us sat together for Family Home Evening each week, we started planning what we needed to do to make our move overseas. 1) Sell the acreage; 2) Sell the business and building; 3) Sell the rental properties.  After 25 years in Olds, we had deep roots and we needed to take a big ax to our lives and start chopping away. We prayerfully consulted the Lord on what we needed to do and our story is about all the miracles that have occurred and continue to do so.

5 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Wow Cheryl, I had no idea! What a huge change that will be and I can’t wait to hear the rest of the story. How soon do you leave?


  2. Cheryl, this is wonderful to hear what changes are coming about in your lives – although I know you will be sorely missed in Olds – but the whole point of life is to follow the Lord’s will! So glad you told those ladies at the trade show of your vision…very brave and also smart of you…Take care, Love Jackie


  3. We are in Red Deer 3rd ward. Very neat to read your blog! We moved to the Middle East (Kuwait) for 5 years back in 1996-2001. It was originally supposed to be for 2 years and we ended up extending until we felt that the Lord wanted us to come back. Everyone in our branch there had felt the hand of the Lord leading them and bringing them there at that time from whatever country they had come. He has His purposes and you are very blessed to be able to participate in doing His will. All the best to you in your preparations!


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